Reforming Our Justice System

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22 Jun Reforming Our Justice System

Rebellion taking place in our country goes beyond Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Our justice system is broken not just for people of color. It is failing all of us. Preserving public respect for our courts is essential to a peaceful democratic society. Spreading unrest in our country shows we have reached the point where we must reform the courts. Beyond the sad state of our economy and global terrorism, there may be little more of important to the fate of the United States than preserving the rule of law.

How do we improve the judiciary? Easy. Change the law. Suggestions below will cost our country virtually nothing, but will reap benefits of fairness, justice, social order and peace, particularly for the most vulnerable.

Three preliminary points. One, there are many outstanding jurists. The focus is on the bad apples. Two, reforming the judiciary is a nonpartisan task. It may take different shapes at different times and some judges may imagine their jobs are being threatened. There is nothing we can do about that. It is only imagination. Improving the third branch of our government is not threatening. Three, our courts are not broken from insufficient taxpayer funding, despite information court administrations may feed the media.

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